Alexander Yanai 4-6

Status: construction

Year: 2015

Location: Tel-Aviv, IL

Floor Area: 3500 M²

TAMA 38 – Structural reinforcement & additions
Renovation and additions to 2 existing residential buildingד with 22 existing apartments in Tel-Aviv.
A new external Structural reinforcement wall for the existing buildingד carries the loads of the 2 additional floors containing 6 new apartments. Additions for existing apartments include up to 12 m² , balcony, elevator & underground parking. The project includes an underground automated parking under the existing buildings.
the new envelope allows for a new identity for the 2 buildings, inserting the new technical infrastructure into the new system. the adjustments required in order to keep the existing building’s qualities, as well as the new underground parking excavation under the building are a design & engineering challenge.
the integration of 2 separate buildings also poses a challenge in designing the common spaces connecting the 2 existing buildings into a new compound.