Clal Center

Status: finished

Year: 2017-2018

Location: Jerusalem, IL

Floor Area: 135 M²

Interior design and renovation

Interior design and renovation of ADMA Studio  offices at the Clal Center in Jerusalem. the building was planned during the late 1970s and has many limitations for the design of modern offices – a clear height of 2.70 (the original floor was wall-to-wall carpeting) Which makes it difficult to plan inter-office circulation and a limited width according to a modulation of 2.7 m.

The combination of efficient organization of space and infrastructure with a creative choice of finished materials reduced the cost of renovation to about NIS 2000 per square meter including furniture and replacement of the building envelope – a total cost of about NIS 250,000 for renovation of about 135 square meters.

photography – Assaf Pinchuk