Danubia Park

Status: Competition 1st prize, Master plan currently under development

Year: 2008

Location: Bratislava, SK

Floor Area: 200000 M² (Site area: 19100000 M²)

Collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle

A strong structure for recreation and living:
The Urban scheme for the Danubia Park project Master plan revolves around two main themes: the water & the green forest of the Danube. The project binds these natural resources of the Danube and utilizes them to create a variety of high quality situations for recreation & living.
The urban scheme is held together by a strong infrastructural skeleton. This skeleton forms the main structure of the urban scheme in combination with the new coast line. The coast line follows the optimized water-flow-conditions, creating a space for reclaimed land between the Danube and the new skeleton road. This space is cut by marinas and lakes, creating peninsulas that are linked to the water. Internal lakes will be created on the west side of the main street and in sector D, providing an appealing landscape also on the inner parts of the park. Public playgrounds & sport facilities are positioned around these water elements, allowing public access to this varied waterscape.
The main entrance transforms all visitors and residents from the inner forest to a view to the Danube and the new waterscape. The project’s hub is positioned immediately next to the main entrance to the project. This area is surrounded by a public marina and a public beach, allowing the commercial and public activity to revolve around these water elements, always with a view to the Danube. The concentration of all public and commercial activities in these few peninsulas benefits the villas with more privacy and quite on the hand creating a vibrant and vivid city center.