Apartment in Beit Ha’Kerem 2014

Status: Completed 2014

Year: 2014

Location: Jerusalem, IL

Floor Area: 85 M²

An interior design scheme designed to allow maximum exposure to exterior views and retaining a balcony for every rooms of the new apartment.
The apartment has a 4 exterior sides -3 of them facing the surrounding greenery  – making light  and views an important issue for the design.
The design changes the organization of the existing apartment by inserting the service spaces into the interior spaces and freeing up all the facade for the main usable spaces. each room is attached to an existing balcony. by positioning the service spaces in the interior spaces a circular movement around the service spaces is enabled . the new position of the service spaces allows for opening up the exterior views from the entrance, allowing a continues connection to the outside greenery from entrance to almost any point in the apartment. photography – Assaf Pinchuk