Helsingborg – Ångfärjan

Congress hotel & mixed use development

Status: Competition

Year: 2009

Location: Helsingborg, SE

Floor Area: 60000 M²

Collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle & Krook & Tjader


A new urban development for the waterfront of Helsingborg, the project encloses the main city Square when arriving from Denmark with a mixed use development & a congress center. Disconnecting the Congress center form the development creates a truly public square in between, framed by the sea, the congress hall & the hotel.

The congress hall building maintains the current views by minimizing its footprint on the water, creating a strong shape for a new landmark for the city of Helsingborg. The congress hall & square form the new gateway & the first view for the ferries coming from Denmark. The mixed use development utilizes a flexible structure to allow future programmatic changes & maximizing the sustainability of the project.

rendering  -IT studio