Herzl 114/30

Status: Completed 2011

Year: 2010

Location: Jerusalem, IL

Floor Area: 90 M²

Assaf Pinchuk

Modernization & renovation of a 40 year old 90 M² 4 room social housing apartment. The original plan of the flat was used as a base for design – revealing the original structure and services of the building as the determining forces for the optimal geometry of the interior.
The flat was divided into 3 main stripes – public, service & sleeping. The service area separates the two other parts. The service area includes an addition of a new bathroom for a master-bedroom, HVAC unit and a work/library space. The original public area was modified by re-instating the original loggia, and enlarging the dining area and connecting it to an open kitchen.
Future flexibility was maintained by keeping the existing infrastructure and the Insertion of a new infrastructural skeleton into the existing structure in order to allow additional ventilation, HVAC etc. the new skeleton appears as 2 beams on the edges of the service areas, containing all the new technical installations required by a modern apartment.