Israel National Library

Status: competition

Year: 2012

Location: Jerusalem, IL

Floor Area: 39000 M²

Naturally, the most important elements of a library are books.
Even at a time of constant transformation of information into the digital dimension, there is no substitute for the valuable knowledge that resides among the pages of books, and to the experience of reading, browsing and studying them. As books are the pillars of the library, in their absence its existence is meaningless – So the bookcase represents the structure of the building. They – the structure – are permanent, and the rest of the elements in space are flexible.

The bearing walls of the library building will be covered with bookshelves – in the ideological and cultural mass that the library building carries, in its physical form. The walls will carry in addition to the loads of the building, books, magazines, etc. in order to supply a reading experience for the visitor even before entering the main reading hall.

In a rapidly changing world, a national library building requires flexibility – to adapt and modify the reading and studying experience to the digital age while preserving the charm and value of the hard copy. Therefore the library building must also be flexible to adapt the functional spaces to the changing needs while maintaining a rich, stately being as a monumental building representing the national culture & knowledge. The “bookcase-walls” create a framework of massive elements that also functions as a thermal mass and contributes for the internal climatic stability and energy saving.