Jerusalem Central park competition

Status: Competition, Honorable Mention

Year: 2008

Location: Jerusalem, IL

Floor Area: M²35000000

A Re-Connected City
Currently there are no clear connections between the different zones within the site. This disturbs the access of visitors & users, therefore leaving the site mainly unused. The proposed solution will allow easy access for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the complex, and will create access to the site from the surrounding residential neighborhoods. In addition the solution enables a new reading of the site, not as separated group of hills, but as a continuous open park, located in downtown Jerusalem, containing various attractions and activities.
The flat mountain
One of the main barriers to planning and public spaces on the hilly topography is the lack of access from the changing elevations. Ideally, you could take these issues into consideration when designing the city and pay attention to optimal planning of roads & public spaces on certain elevation lines. Public spaces will be accessible to pedestrians, bike riders, etc. The public elevation lines will link the urban fabric to the public spaces & natural space.