MJC youth Center

Status: Competition

Year: 2010

Location: Lyon, FR

Floor Area: 1000 M²

Collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle

Glass Bunker
The volume of the building appears as a solitary cube in the context of the banks of the Saone. But this building is more complex than it seems: the facades, with their games of opaque and transparent, are very irregular but yet rational. Entirely composed of transparent elements (glass print) but with a solid look, the facades also utilize a non systematic system: the content, form and perception of the facades have a sense both of robustness and delicacy. The system optimizes the ratio of opening in the façade according to energy demands of the building – this increases the thermal inertia of the buildings, combined with the use of the Saone’s water for heating & cooling needs all owes the realization of an exceptionally energy efficient building.
The façade grid allows the combination of 5 different levels inside the 10 meter high box – integrating into the program also a harbor master’s offices & boat storage space.
Inside the building revolves around a large ramp, acting at first as the stage for the public and on the upper floors continues as a transition space. The interior of the building is protected from the surroundings, allowing great deal of privacy for the youth, and at the same time acoustically separating the activity from the neighboring residential buildings.