Nayot Kindergarten

Status: Finished

Year: 2017

Location: Jerusalem, IL

Floor Area: 100 M²


Interior design and renovation for an existing building in Jerusalem’s Nayot neighborhood. The building was used as a studio and class for lectures and was converted into a kindergarten, while preserving the central space as a multi-purpose room which is used for yoga classes, lectures, etc. during the evening.

In order to create the multi-purpose space, the program was divided into sub-spaces:  the multi-purpose central space in which most of the activities are carried out, adjacent spaces that contain the play\toys areas, beds, etc., were closed in rolling shutters during the afternoon and other service spaces were separated by walls and doors – a kitchenette, children’s services, etc., and are closed in the afternoon in order to prevent access to the participants. In addition, access was set outside the kindergarten for employee services and for the employees’ kitchen in order to allow visitors access in the afternoons.

In addition, a play yard for the kindergarten was built in the framework of the project, along with a public passageway to the neighboring building, which also serves the community center.