Tallinn City Hall

Status: Competition, Honorable mention

Year: 2009

Location: Tallinn, EE

Floor Area: 25000 M²

Collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle

A Public Heart
The project rectangular form acts as a strong reaction the pyramid cal Linnahall adjacent to the site. It also allows a very strong backbone for the interior organization of the building. Cut in the middle, the interior covered courtyard allows light to filter into the deep areas of the building, yet protecting form the harsh weather. The citizens can enjoy this open space on the ground floor, and the employees’ will receive good lighting and climatic conditions.
A clear circulation structure is formed around the two main cores of the building. This concept allows the integration and flexibility of different programmatic units on the different levels of the building. The form of the building is sculptured, extending the top floors to create the council spaces.
The façade of the building consists of stone & dark glass with varying dimensions. In conjunction with the dynamic form of the building, this gives to feeling of a dynamic, flowing shape that can still control the climatic values in an optimized manner. Filtering sufficient sun light into the building and still allowing natural ventilation when needed.