Weenapoint – Rotterdam

Status: Study

Year: 2010

Location: Rotterdam, NL

Floor Area: 55000 M²

Collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle

Plain elegance
According to a strict master plan the project’s form and functional distribution were already pre-determined. As an essentially mixed-use building, the structure and façade determine both functionality and an urban presence of the building. The different modulations and the varying proportions of the fenestration create a moiré effect, breaking the formal rigidity of the building.
Containing commercial & meeting spaces on the first 3 levels, then a combination of a hotel and office space, and on top an office tower and a housing tower, the project needs to allow great functional flexibility and sustainability. The façade system allows the combination of all the uses into one functioning and dynamic shell.
In the interior of the building, on the ground level, an enclosed court is created, giving the building a public face to the city, and an interior contemplative space for its users. Climbing up, the roof of the podium is used again as a leisure area for the inhabitants, as well as the top floor of the office tower, which serves the inhabitants for public events, etc.