ADMA Architects Profile

ADMA architects studio was established in 2011 by architects Amos Darr and Moran Amikam, BArch. Graduates From the Technion and March. In Collective housing from ETSAM Madrid and ETH Zurich, while implementing their rich experience in a wide range of projects in Israel, Europe and the Far East (China, Vietnam and Korea). The studio in involved in a wide range of projects at various scales - from interior design, private construction, residential buildings and urban renewal, hotel and office design, urban planning and statutory consultation to municipalities and the Israeli Planning Administration. This diversity sets the studio's work apart and allows us to provide unique and creative Tailor-Made solutions for each and every project.

Studio Team - Photographer: Boaz Perlstein

Our Responsibility

Our work strives to concentrate the most advanced professional knowledge in order to achieve the highest quality design for customer and the end-user – while considering all the programmatic, economic, and environmental requirements for each project. We believe that architects have a professional responsibility for the public space and environment – as part of this world view, we are active in a variety of social and community activities – both at the academic level and at the public / municipal level in parallel with office work.

Public Activity

In addition with design work, Amos and Moran teach at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, as well as conducting workshops and tours with architects and groups from abroad in collaboration with ETH Zurich and the Munich Academy of Arts.

Between 2011 and 2014, Amos and Moran were active in the “Awakening in Jerusalem” public movement as members of the housing committee and later heading it in 2013-2014. Later, acting as external consultants to the housing committee and the deputy mayor on behalf of the Awakening movement, Ofer Berkovich, and taking part in writing proposal paper for changes in section 188 of the Planning Law (2014 – change of public purpose).

During 2014-2016, Moran Amikam served as a consultant to the city architect of Jerusalem. during this time, we edited the spatial guidelines for new building in Jerusalem by the city architect (Amendment 101 of the planning law), and were involved in establishing the “Design Center” in the city model space and managing exhibitions and conferences in the center.

As of 2019, Amos is consultant to the Strategic Division in the Israeli Planning Administration – as a member of the IPLAN Strategic Research Studio. Our Studio conducts research on various topics in this framework.