5 Places


Most of the year Safra Square is a ceremonial and formal space that enhances the experience of entering the city-hall and serves as a stage for citizens and the general public. The free space is essential for the feasibility of urban gatherings and events, and now the proposed construction helps define the boundaries of the square and supports these activities with additional commercial uses.


As in today’s program, the tripartite courtyard is also a respite for the employees of the municipal offices. The protection of the dense trees and buildings around it creates an intimate and quiet atmosphere within the busy urban island.


Daniel garden, which is renewed as a three-dimensional space that burrows into the ground and creates a protected place for children on the one hand and climbs onto the roof of the new commercial building along Jaffa Street and creates a promenade leading up to Safra Square.


the bend along Jaffa Street creates an opportunity to create an urban funnel. The buildings are positioned in order to create an open public space that separates Safra Square from Jaffa Street and the renewed Daniel Park.


The entrance square to the city-hall from Jaffa Street is defined by Buildings 74 and the Avihayil building on the northern side and a new building for the model house and the municipal offices on its southern side.  The shaded square is an ideal location for restaurants / cafes with seating in the square which will attract passersby without disturbance along the street