Day Care Center

Status: competition

Year: 2013

Location: Be'er Sheva, IL

Floor Area: 1500 M²

The proposed structure consists of one basic structural unit, divided internally in various manners – thus containing a variety of different groups – to create the desired program. The initial use can be transformed only by changing internal division – thus allowing changes in the program.
The use of repetitive structural unit for exercising any programmatic needs, combined with placing the unit on and off, makes changes and expansion of the building is almost endless. Additionally, the structure is expandable by covering courtyards enclosed from 3 sides with light construction covering about 8 m . These spaces can be used to create a therapeutic pool, multi-purpose hall, etc.
Rich inner world – the inner space is a series of complex spaces of different sizes and proportions that create a continuous space with rich and constant contact with the outside. This space creates a whole complex world within the walls of the center so that patients enjoy a variety of spaces and situations that enrich daily experience.
Lighting and shading – usable spaces are situated North / South allowing good shading for use throughout the day. Shared spaces and circulation spaces are situated East / West – to courtyards having natural shading & vegetation.