Israel Nature Museum

Status: Competition

Year: 2012

Location: Jerusalem , IL

Floor Area: 38000 M²

One of the most important values in Jerusalem is the delicate balance between different communities, religions and cultures which exist independently, but together form a delicate and diverse cultural fabric. The idea of “balance” formed the design, linking state of the art technology with Jerusalem regional tradition. The independent public entities which inhabit the site are woven together into a rich cultural, technological and traditional system.
Flexible structure can support shapes, spaces and sizes that can vary according to changing needs. Different entities benefit from a common infrastructure allowing independent existence and combination. Inserting various functions into distinct grid system allows design flexibility for future use of the building. All zones of the building can change their program – the proposal is according to a static program, but it can change and adjust itself according to changing needs. Movement along the axis of the building allows closing and opening different zones of the building on different entrance terms, while independent activity of each zone is also possible throughout the day.
The 3 layers of the project unite under a single structural system, allowing inter-penetration of the 3 layers one into the other and combinations between the various functions. Galleries requiring double or triple height create connections between the 3 layers, and allowing views from the public foyer into the display.