Living Green in Arad

The building scheme allows up to 200% GFA (including street area) in a low rise high density method. Plots are 103 Sqm allowing 1 or 2 housing units up to 4 floors high/ the width of the street is accordingly designed allowing 4.8,7.2 and 9.6 m’ width allowing car traffic  only on some of the streets. Every plot has a path crossing either vertically or horizontally on the ground floor – allowing access between the streets and movement in comfortable, shaded yet ventilated areas.




flexibility is demonstrated with several different options for inner design – from 3 to 5 room apartments with pragmatic options like an office on the ground floor, or a hosting unit etc.


vertical openings allow a maximum insertion of light, also to the deeper spaces. The envelope consists of concrete load bearing walls, outer thermic Insulation and a plaster cladding, using wooden profiles for shading.