Joints – City block, variation and community – The use of streets with different urban and physical characteristics, allow variety and pluralism on the one hand, on the other hand the construction of singular urban spaces, places where there is a situation unlike any other in the urban area. Local versus general sets a new identity and therefore has the potential to create a local community.



Green BoulevardsThe basic orientation of the space is east-west, the boulevards start from the east and end in the metropolitan park to the west. the urban blocks between every pair of boulevards is designated to the public – urban parks, public buildings, commercial services, leisure and entertainment. The garden boulevards are the connection of the urban areas to the metropolitan park penetrating the city to the west and fading gradually reaching the east.



Urban streets – The streets that penetrate the quarter from the south; Usually the continuation of existing blocks from the south. these streets are defined as intensive urban streets with mixed use development and commercial spaces on the ground floor. the intensity and maximum building height reduces gradually as continuing to the north.



Green streets – The streets that penetrate from the north; a garden city urban fabric that starts from the fields to the north of the quarter going down to the south. Change in intensity of the green spaces is reflected as a reduction in plot size, reduction of the space between the buildings, and lowering the maximum height while maintaining the same coefficient of urban densification.