About the Studio

ADMA architecture studio has been operating in Jerusalem since 2011. The studio was founded by architects Moran Amikam & Amos Darr, both Technion graduates with Master degree in collective housing from Madrid Polytechnic University and ETH Zurich. Combining expertise from leading architecture firms in Israel with state of the art knowledge from Europe the studio is experienced in designing projects of diverse scales and uses around world, and in Israel in particular.

The studio consists of 7 staff members, and deals with designing a wide range of projects – residential, public, commercial, hotels and offices.
Our work ambition is to concentrate the professional knowledge, combined with the cultural, economic and social background to create a high quality and efficient design for the customer, the user and the environment. The design process includes studies of the  economic feasibility and quality requirements continuously throughout the project.
We believe that as architects we  are responsible for the urban environment surrounding us.. As part of this understanding, we are active in a variety of social and political activities. both in the academy, and on a public-municipal level.


Moran Amikam


Amos Darr


Igor Rudkovsky


Auria Bielsky


Mary Laskina


Nadav (Dubi) Avital